Monday, July 29, 2013

What's Most Important

We all get so busy, we sometimes forget what's most important.  This last few days, I did something very important.  On Thursday I and my 4 sisters and our moment in Park City, Ut for a little get together/retreat.  We had rented a condo there to stay in.  5 of us were coming from Idaho, and one from Utah.  On our way from Idaho we stopped at a supply store and picked up 6 quilt bats ( queen size) for my sister Doris, then we stopped at a very amazing scrapbook and quilt store.  Picked up a few things and headed on down the road.  Our next stop was the Wood Connection.  Once again a few things were purchased and we were on our way again.  We grabbed some lunch at Subway and hit interstate 80 to Park City.  We arrived and our sister coming from Utah pulled up right behind us.
Now to backtrack and set the stage.  Several months ago my oldest sister was diagnosed with cancer...too far advanced for a cure, only treatable to slow it a bit and to control the pain.  The idea of having a sister and mom retreat started to hatch in my head.  I mentioned it to a couple of my other sisters and to my mom.  They agreed it could be a good idea, depending on Doris' health, etc.  so I started looking at possible locations.  I checked rentals in several places, and a friend suggested Park City.  I started looking there and found a lot of condo options, and a lot of things to do, if we wanted. I asked everyone to let me know when they could make this happen.  Doris finished her radiation treatments the end of June and I started to finalize plans.  I booked the condo and sent everyone the info.  My SIL couldn't make it and my sister, Leslie had a conflict for part of the time.  I went forward with the retreat.  We wanted to help Doris finish some of the projects she was doing...quilts, knitting things, crocheting, and other things she wanted to finish for her family.  She was bringing things for us to do.
So we arrived at the condo mid afternoon, and I couldn't get the entry code to work on the garage door.  I tried a number of times with no luck.  So I tried the lock box on the front door.  No luck, so I finally sent a text to the owner.  She answered that her cleaning lady had a key and could come at 5.  That was several hours so I kept trying the lock box and finally really pulled when I put in the code, and it popped open.  So we got in and started to unload.  The place smelled awful.  We start looking around and there is a completely full to overflowing garbage can next to the frig.  Then we open the frig and there is sour milk and slimy lettuce.  By this time I am texting the owner, asking what's up.  We go upstairs to the bedrooms and one bathroom has a pile of towels on the floor, and the bed is not clean and made.  The owner is totally clueless to this situation and is very nice.  The cleaning ladies show up and get things in order...after I have already taken out the garbage and my sisters have cleared the frig.
We then got busy starting our " work" of the weekend.  Later we squeezed into the  Yukon, fitting 6 in the seats instead  of 5, and head out to get dinner to celebrate Leslie's birthday.  We end up at Ruby Tuesdays because we couldn't find the Italian restaurant we were looking for.  The food was excellent and the company was great.    We went back to the condo and several of us decided a walk on the walking/ bike path was in order.  On the walk we found Cold Stone Creamery.  We went back to the condo, and then walked to Cold Stone to get our treat.  About this time Leslie remembers that she has a third row of sets in her car, so we could have gone to dinner in it, and not had to sqish up so much.  Pretty funny!!
By Friday we were running out of projects, so we found a Michaels store in our area and picked up the supplies we needed to work on the things we had all purchased at the scrapbook and wood stores. Leslie had to head home, so we said our goodbyes.  We had had a great time so far and hated to see her go, but she had a prior commitment.  So glad she was able to come for even part of the time.
Friday we worked away on projects.  We also made a couple trips to Smiths to get groceries.  Margene made wonderful smoothies for breakfast and I put an easy chicken dish in the crockpot.  After lunch we picked up another " treat" from Cold Stone, and kept working.  After supper we drove up to the Olympic Park to see things, but it was closed, so we headed back to the condo.  Just as we pulled into the driveway, the car stopped dead.  We popped our " treats" into the freezer, and tried to figure out what to do.  Lois, the owner of the errant car, called her insurance agent, then roadside assistance for a tow truck.  They took the car away.  Now this is Friday night, around 8pm.  We are wondering if we are going to be walking home on Saturday.   Believe me prayers were going heavenward.  Next morning Lois hears from the dealership where they had towed the car.  4jobs were in front of hers and they only have one technician working that day.  We have breakfast and WAIT...working on all our projects.  At around 11:45 she gets the call that the car is ready, so Lois and Margene head out walking (1.5 miles) to pick it up.  They get it and return in time for some lunch.  We quickly load up and head home...or so I think.  Lois heads back to the Olympic Park.  We spend a couple of hours there, taking a guided tour of the venues and seeing the museum.  It was amazing.  We got to see several skiers do ariel practice jumps, a few younger kids doing acrobatics on snowboards and skis into a large swimming pool.  We saw some people go for a run in the bobsled and lots of folks doing the adventure course.  Wow, it was impressive.  Finally around 4 we hit the road back to Idaho.  We got back to Brigham City, stopped for gas, and decided to finish off the trip by eating at Maddox.  We just did the drive-in part, but it is fun and the food is great.  We were all tired by the time we arrived back at Mom's to unload and pick up our things and head home. 
But the most important part was not the things we did or even the things we accomplished, although those were good things.  I feel that the best part was first off, that we all made the time to go and spend the time together.  We enjoyed our talks and our working together.  We reminisced some and laughed about events in the past - the long ago past.  We talked about Doris' illness and the things she is working on and trying to get done before she isn't able to do them anymore.  I hope we can do this again.  My mom is 91 and she is hoping she doesn't live until 100, but you never know.  It was such a good time, and I keep wondering why we haven't done this before now.  I guess sometimes it takes something a little drastic to make us remember what is important and where we should be spending our time!!  Thanks to all my sisters and Mom for a wonderful weekend.  One more memory to add to our piles. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things to Do - while sick

Well, it's been a great week.  I started in being sick on Sunday, stayed home on Monday sick, went to work on Tuesday - thought I was better, and back sick again today.  I am feeling much better this afternoon, so I'm hoping I'm through!!  But while I am sitting around feeling puny - I decided to put away my stamp garage sale stuff - Wendell was getting extremely tired of it taking over the living room. 
I went through the stamps and updated my sales list, cutting some prices and counted eyelets forever - well almost, and have them set to go.  So here is a listing of what I still have.  I just really don't want to store it any more, so please want it!!  If you see something you want, make me an offer.  I still have stuff to go through, but this has to go first.  Ever been there? 

Stamps for Sale:
$ 5          Wood Mounted
                Trading Collection
                Office Accoutrement
                Stamp of Authenticity
                Tagtastic (Hostess set)
                Matchbook Messages
                Vintage Vogue
                Vintage Labels
                Sweet Serendipity
                Greenhouse Garden
                Short Order Numbers
$ 5 – Wood Mounted
                Simple Serif Alpha & Numbers
                A Wish for Peace
                Eastern Blooms
                Ephemera (background)
                Monogram “A”
                Business Memos
                Christmas Carolers
                Three Little Words
                Because I Care (hostess)
                Rustic Rooster
                Tagger’s Dozen
                Boho Backgrounds
                So Many Scallops
                Holidays & Wishes
                Totally Tabs
                Eastern Influences
                Think Happy Thoughts
                Fresh Vintage
                Berry Best
                Cute & Curly
                A Beautiful Thing
                Seeing Spots
                Live Like You Mean It
                Hugs & Wishes
                Business Boosters
                Circle of Friendship
Clear:    XOXO
                Punch Potpourri (hostess)
$3           Wood Mounted
                Bella’s Bloom
                Birthday’s Count & Note of Thanks

                Jumbo $2
                Bold Snowflakes
                Dotted Lines
                Rough Texture
                Batty (black-stained)
                See You Around
Reg $1
                Candy Cane Christmas
                Gingerbread Man
                Flip Flops
                Watercolor Joy

Paper Packets – full
Double-Sided -$5 (ea)   

*Frosty Day/Ski Slope (2)
                                             Attic Boutique
                                                Island Oasis (2)
                                                Deck the Halls
                                                Sweet Stitches
                                                Nautical Expedition
                                                Well Worn
                                                Pumpkin Pie
                                                Chocolate Chip
                                                Close to Cocoa

There are 2 packages if there is a (2) behind the name.    *6 sheets/2 designs
Specialty Paper Packets – full
                $10                         Sending Love (2)
                                                Candy Cane Christmas
                                                Pesto Patterns
DSP Patterns Pack – In Colors  6X6 (2010-2012)

                On Board Trimmings - $5
                On Board Merry Medley - $5
                On Board Scallop Frames (32 pieces) $3
                On Board Accents - $3

                Texturz Plate – Perfect Details  $3
                Texturz Plates (3) – Backgrounds #1  $9
                Letterpress – Lots of Love  $5
Simply Scrappin’ Kits – complete
                $10 ea:  Love Sparkles
                                Creative License
Die-Cut Blooms  (red & Orange)  $3
Pillar Boxes & Tags (confetti)    full package  $3
Door Hangers & Tags (confetti)  full package $4
Bags of eyelets: 

Mixed Metallics 200+ - $2
                               Yellows  200+ - $2
                                  Black 200+  - $2
                                  Red/Pinks 200+ - $2
                                  Blues 200+ - $2
                                  White/Flesh 200+ - $2
                                   Purples 300+ - $3
                                   Oranges 300+ - $3
                                   Greens 400+ - $4
                                   Jumbo – Pewter 23 - $ .25
Large Hearts – Red, Pink, White 46 pcs - $ .75

Designer Series Paper – single sheets – 12X12  $ .10/each

 Pack of 6 white, 14 cream collage cards – no envelopes(standard card size) $2

3 corner punches – scallop, hearts, scallop/snowflake - $3/each

Some help twine – golden, green - $1/each,  purple-$ .50

Package of 12 Island Oasis Party Favor Boxes - $5

Various ribbons still available – call for info or email. 

Still free catalogs available from last year, and some odds and ends of pieces and projects for free. 

Thanks, Janell Ahern
See Burley BS&T on FB (album – Janell Ahern Craft Stuff for Sale
So now I can rest and maybe take a nap. 
In the meantime - my poor grandaughter has hives.  She had an ear infection last month and they gave her amoxycillin.  She was fine with that, and got well.  Then about a week after her checkup, she started acting cross again, and Mel took her in and she had an ear infection in the left ear again.  Back on amoxycillin, but she didn't seem to improve.  Today she had a couple of red spots - thought they were bug bites, but by this afternoon, she was covered - looked like chicken pox.  Mel left work and took her to the Dr and it is hives.  So, new antibiotic for the ears, steroids for the hives, and hopefully back on track for a well, happy baby.  I continue to be amazed at how happy Ember is.  Even when she doesn't feel good, she will smile and try to be pleasant.  We just love her. 
In another month, we'll be adding a new granddaughter to our family.  Her name will be Auvryn Mae and we're anxious to meet her.  Ryan & Sami are so thrilled about becoming parents.  It's been fun to watch them prepare and get so excited about it. 
Last thing today.  Jenna just arrived home bringing the news that she has been asked to Homecoming - Sept. 29, so now we better get busy thinking of a response, a dress, and all of those other things that go along with dates in High School. 
Hope you are having a great day.

Monday, August 6, 2012

August Upon Us

I can't believe how fast July went past.  Summer is flying by at an alarming rate, but I can say I will welcome the cooler temperatures.  Days on end of 90+ degrees is just not very tolerable for me anymore.  When it cools down at night, I'm ok with it, but it hasn't been even doing that lately.  I just want to set in front of any a/c unit continually.  Not so good for the electric bill. 
We are getting ready to hit the road for a short vacation soon.  We are going to visit Wendell's parents in UT and see a few things in UT and NV.  Will be short, but much needed.  We had hoped to go to NE to visit S&H, but the budget was just too tight this year.  Hoping we can make that happen next year, unless they get sent someone new by then. 
Sean had the opportunity to fly over to England for a TDY (temporary duty) in July.  It was fun to see all the neat pictures he took and the many places they were able to see while there.  He and Heatherly are having a great time seeing lots of things and doing lots of fun things just around the Omaha area too. 

I still am trying to get all my retired stamps & accessories sold.  I have put very low prices on everything, so it's a real deal.  I will be having it all on display this Wed and/or Thurs evenings, so come on by to see it and find some bargains.  There are stamps, paper, ink, eyelets, ribbons, chipboard, and more.  Nothing is over $10 and there is even a table of free stuff.  Come by to see it all. 

I've decided this must be the month for showers and weddings.  We went to 2 showers for 3 people on Saturday - and there had been one earlier in the week.  We have 5 wedding invites hanging on our frig, and I am just wondering when we might get more.  But it's fun!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and will have time to relax as well as do lots!!  Keep smiling and stamping.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still stuff to Sale

Well, I still have lots of stamping/scrapping stuff to sale.  As of right now, it is all out on my tables.  If you want to come see, please give me a call.  All of this has to go to new homes.  I am going to start putting it on the internet, but I'd much rather have it go to a home here in the area rather than having to put it in the mail.  There are lots of stamp sets, paper - single sheets and brand-new unopened packets, some ribbons, lots of eyelets, chipboard, and even some stamp pads and glitters, and sizzix dies.  I have a table with free things, and still a few catalogs from last year that are free. 

In other news, it is time to start looking towards the fall/winter holidays.  If you are interested in hosting a party so you and your friends can pick up your supplies for the holiday cards and items you are making, call me to set a date. 

I still host a card exchange each month.  There is a great core group that participates, but it would be awesome for more to join us.  There is a theme each month, and it is posted on my Stampin' Up! website ( ) We each do cards in sets of 5 (they are all alike with envelopes).  You can do 1 set, up to 4 sets.  You get back as many as you do.  They are due the 20th of each month.  Within a few days I will have them sorted and ready for you to pick up. 

I am very busy these days with my sweet granddaughter.  She is the cutest baby on earth (of course) and we just have a blast with her.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  Time flies when you're having fun!!  I dread the day her mom leaves to attend college and takes her away. 

Well I hope you are having a wonderful summer and getting lots of memories made.  Hope to see you soon at my garage sale, or at a workshop.